the Icon Chair

This project was a collaboration with my partner, Tara Ebsworth, as part of course requirements from 4.500—Design Computing. The goal was to create a chair that was easily manufactured out of common materials, and put together only using a rubber mallet. The intent of the design was to use as little wood as possible, and to… Read More the Icon Chair

Marbu School in Nepal

This project was a collaboration with Johanna Greenspan-Johnston and Micaela Hall as part of course requirements from 4.411—D-lab’s School. The goal of the project was to design an eco-friendly, earthquake-resistant structure that could be built using locally sourced labor and materials. The project began with site analysis. We examined climate data from nearby Kathmandu and… Read More Marbu School in Nepal

The Quack House

The Quack House is a security guard shelter that stands next to a gated entrance. With a slanted window and a seductively angular design, it is both practical and beautiful. This project was completed as part of 4.500 Design Computing. We began with a cylindrical shape, and approached this issue of manufacturing it with straight… Read More The Quack House

Study Haus

Every project that was completed through the semester of Studio 2 was based on the simple premise of a process completely removed from architecture: protein methylation. The dichotomous nature of this process provided the logic for the creation of a dynamic and interactive Processing drawing, which then became the starting point for two major projects.… Read More Study Haus