*folio theme

*folio is a simple, portfolio+blog+personal landing page theme built for Jekyll, a static website generator originally geared for GitHub project pages. It was my first foray into creating themes—something I quickly found a passion for. The problem of creating something that works for many scenarios as simply and elegantly as possible is addicting.

For this project, I wanted to combine a personal blog with a portfolio page, and wanted two separate layouts for that. I also wanted a simpler listing for my poetry, which I was able to easily import from Tumblr straight into markdown entries for Jekyll.

I started with the original install of Jekyll, cleaned it up, whitened it up, and made the focus white space, subtle transparencies, and Helvetica.

github repo • live demo

Main landing page, featuring blog posts

the About page, which focuses on oversized FontAwesome icons which easily link users to social media.

A simple, lightweight list layout, perfect for poems or the like.
The portfolio showcases a select thumbnail of your project, or a bold square of theme color if it’s not a visual project.


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