Bulgaria: Varna (6.15–6.18)

Day 1: Getting to Varna

Thursday morning found us sleepy-eyed at the bus station, continuing the hunt for iced coffee, but otherwise ready for the journey to the coastal city of Varna. The six-hour bus ride was a lovely way to see the countryside. When I was little and we’d drive to the sea, my grandmother would always show me the storks nesting on the tops of telephone poles, and this trip I was lucky enough to spot a nest! I wasn’t lucky enough to get a picture, though.

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Bulgaria: Sofia (6.11–6.15)

I was 14 the last time I visited the country in which I was born. I had some understanding and appreciation of the culture and the history I encountered, but this time around I’m even more appreciative. These past two weeks have been packed to the gills with visiting family and friends, sightseeing, beach-going, and even traveling to another country altogether. I’m grateful that images have metadata since that’s made the organization and timeline of this trip a lot more straightforward. And off we go!
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snowy mountain valley

The Beginning

I’m starting this blog as a way of documenting my journey, as blogs often begin. This year, 2017, I graduated, and became somewhat of a “real adult.” Now that I have the time and the money of an “adult,” I can really dedicate myself to a year of growth, self-care, self-development, and to some extent, healing from the stress and strife of being a student.

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