me with my dog, Nugget

Hi, I’m Lia. I’m a product manager that thrives working on the tough problems—I love to research and analyze, and truly immerse myself in the data. I also understand there’s a human element that metrics can’t capture, and I make sure the user stays at the heart of the work.

I’m currently working as a product owner at a healthcare tech company in the Boston area. My team creates tools for our product developers, enabling a more streamlined and efficient experience. Before, I worked as a product owner on in-app training on mobile and desktop, strategizing how the Product Education team could contribute to feature adoption metrics across all products.

Outside of work, I like to create—almost anything. I spend a lot of time journaling, learning new skills, trying new things. I’ve documented some of the things that I’ve spent my time on and that I’m proud of here.

In addition to being a tech-obsessed gadget geek, I love to cycle, both indoor spin and outdoor endurance rides. I love the great outdoors, especially the mountains—I’m a big fan of the snow. I love dogs, and I take my small pup adventuring with me as much as I can.