Hi! I’m Lia. I grew up in Utah, and moved to Boston for college, and stayed for the two glorious weeks of New England fall. Just kidding, I love the winter, too. And dogs. And carbs. As a pretty positive person, I have a lot of loves.

I’m currently working as an instructional designer at a healthcare tech company in the Boston area. I’m the team lead on in-app training. I do a bit of web design (html+css), a bit of graphic design and animation, a bit of writing and demo video editing, and a lot of developing in-the-moment training workflows.

I made this blog to remember the big things, to navigate the progress, and to make myself a little internet home. I talk about my goals, my family, my travels, the books I’m reading, the shows I’m watching, and I most definitely talk about my dog, Nugget.