Self-Care Saturday

One of the things I’ve started to make a priority in my life is self-care. I’ve picked Saturday’s, not only because the hashtag is catchy, but because that’s the day that really fits the rhythm of my life. I’m sitting here typing this with a Trader Joe’s pineapple enzyme mask slathered on my face—which was making my eyes water until just a few minutes ago. I’m cleansing and pampering because I’ve just gotten home from a two hour restorative yoga class, and today is self-care Saturday. A* invited me to join her in this “adult nap time”, as it was introduced in the studio. I feel like I’m driving a new body. It was a bizarrely grounding experience, and I’m still feeling it even three hours later.

It felt like walking on clouds. I’m intrigued that it’s had such a profound effect on me, given that most of the two hours was spent breathing deeply into some rudimentary but prop-supported yoga poses: shavasana—aka corpse pose—with a bolster under my knees, twists with the bolster between my knees and ankles, laying on my stomach with a bolster under my hips and a block under my forehead. Reiki masters walked around and also provided a supported element to the practice. They gently pushed on my back, or pulled my head away from my shoulders, with a very warming and calming touch. I left the practice feeling renewed and more connected to and aware of my body. 

I also practiced self-care today by taking care of some to-do’s that I’ve wanted to do for a while: taking some portraits for our Christmas card! I’ve always wanted to make cards and send them out, and this year I’m making my dream happen. It was a double win for me, because not only did I cross a task off my to-do list, earn points for it in Habitica (more on that in a future post), but I also got to dress up, do my makeup and hair, and then take a bunch of pictures that made me feel like a movie star. It was a nice reminder that my life is what I make it to be! I even snapped this selfie on the walk to the car before yoga.

I’m bringing lens flare back.

I sent it to my sister to show her how I did my hair, since she taught me how to curl it! She complimented me on the pic, and I joked, “brb, changing all my profile pics”. I actually did change my Instagram profile pic, and when A* saw it later that night, she convinced me to post it. People I haven’t talked to in years liked it and commented. It’s not that I needed that validation; I loved the picture the moment I took it. The happiness I’m feeling in that shot is real. It came from an hour of posing my fiancé and my dog in front of an old church door, of designing and finalizing my Christmas card, and fulfilling a long childhood dream. I’d always wanted to be on someone’s fridge, a reminder of our friendship. I always felt like it was selfish not to send one, because people who cared about you want to hear from you! They want to know how you’re doing and what you’re up to. They want to read your newsletter. And seeing people like my selfie, not just the pictures of other people and things, reminded me of that. There’s no shame in posting a selfie, despite so many opinions out there that selfies are vain, that you’re conceited. The people who care will actually want to see your smiling, happy face.

And that’s really the whole point of self-care Saturday: helping yourself realize that you matter.

So, given the great realization that I’m awesome, and the haters don’t matter, I’m picking up my blog up again. I’m starting small. Little musings when they hit me. But I’m cranking up for next year. I have exciting things brewing, and they coincide perfectly with this blog ramping back up (rebranded, no less!). I’ll be leisurely working through the things I’ve wanted to write about this year, and never really made the time to. In another post, for sure, I’m going to talk about the things in my life that have led to this moment, to this realization. For now, though, I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

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