Cyprus: Larnaca & Limassol (6.19–6.22)

After just one night in Sofia, the four of us (me, Yana, my mom, and my grandma) set off for a few days in Cyprus. The flight is about two hours from Sofia to Larnaca, made all the more enjoyable by the fact that we got seats with extra legroom. My uncle met us at the airport and took us for a quick motor tour around Larnaca before depositing us at the apartment to get settled in.

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Bulgaria: Varna (6.15–6.18)

Day 1: Getting to Varna

Thursday morning found us sleepy-eyed at the bus station, continuing the hunt for iced coffee, but otherwise ready for the journey to the coastal city of Varna. The six-hour bus ride was a lovely way to see the countryside. When I was little and we’d drive to the sea, my grandmother would always show me the storks nesting on the tops of telephone poles, and this trip I was lucky enough to spot a nest! I wasn’t lucky enough to get a picture, though.

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