The Quack House is a security guard shelter that stands next to a gated entrance. With a slanted window and a seductively angular design, it is both practical and beautiful. This project was completed as part of 4.500 Design Computing.

We began with a cylindrical shape, and approached this issue of manufacturing it with straight materials. We decided to create the shape with straight panels, making a dodecagon. The roof, slanted window, and general form allows the guard house to still appear cylindrical.

The joints were 3D printed out of ABS, and the panels and base are plexiglass and masonite, spray painted for contrast. The roof was constructed out of bristol board.

Assembling the model. Rendering. Finished product.
Left: Assembling the guardhouse model. The joints were friction fit.
Center: Rendering of the near-finished design
Right: The finished model