This project was a collaboration with my partner, Tara Ebsworth, as part of course requirements from 4.500—Design Computing. The goal was to create a chair that was easily manufactured, out of common materials, and put together only using a rubber mallet. The intent of the design was to use as little wood as possible, and to still be comfortable and stylish. We achieved this by using thin slats of plywood that had some give, conforming to the body.

Cut plan of chair Slats, mallets, and spring.
Left: Cut sheet & Technical drawings, made in AutoCAD. We were able to fit the parts for 2 chairs onto one standard sheet of plywood.
Right: The parts and tools. All that was needed for assembly was a rubber mallet. Assembly took about 30 minutes.

For our final review, we were judged on both aesthetics and comfort, and this dainty little chair held our 6’4”, 220lb instructor comfortably.

Close up of connection joints. Chair.
Left: Detail of the friction fit joints. Right: The finished product.