Amidst the sounds of coughs
and quiet conversations
the beeping of the book scanner
and the intermittent piercing sneeze
Among the sounds of footsteps
metallic backpack zippers
doors opening and closing
and clicky clack of keyboards,
Between the hum of air vents
and the buzzing phones on tables
the lightly tapping pencils
and the louder, heaving sighs

I heard the loudest
and then everything went silent.

I glanced over to my left
through grid of big gray girders
through the dusty, dirty glass,
and I saw a poor dazed robin.

He lay there twitching,
flailing sadly
desperation soaring
while he lay there on the ground.
rumpled feathers
blowing in the breeze
his feet gave one kick,
then two more
then the life was gone.

His body slowly cooling,
I looked around to find
that nobody had noticed,
and nobody had cried.