Sometimes this stupid mind of mine
doesn’t know where to draw the line
I’m sorry that this anger, flaming,
fuels me to run crazy, blaming,
because when it’s flames I throw,
no one gets close enough to know
how loneliness eats me up inside
how demons in my heart reside
each day I strive and strive to hide,
and vow to change, unlike the tide
but like the tide, such is my pride
it comes and goes and stays inside.
You know why I pretend to be
shrouded in such mystery.
because really, all that’s left of me,
is bitter, stale transparency.
Yet when I look into glass
all I see is mirror and ass
sometimes that’s all I ever see,
that’s what I think is left of me,
After melancholy wrecks,
there’s nothing left for me but sex.
Ugly’s one I’ve never heard,
and so at times, I have preferred
to retreat inside of me, I chose,
to stop my life and come to blows.
The kind with tongues and teeth.
When a sweaty body, I’m beneath
It’s another shield I’ve found
and the possibilities abound.
My mind runs free
and suddenly,
I’m protected once more
as protected as a whore.

you’re the only one that’s ever seen
the reason why I’m truly mean
and there under my pillow
my dagger I had hidden
You took it when I wasn’t looking
and while one day I was hooking,
You lodged it where you knew me best
in my soft heart inside my chest.
And now, each breath I take,
I think of you, you’re in the ache.
and I know, Caesar, that I stabbed you first,
and that’s the pain that hurts the worst.