if tomorrow, say, i died
i wonder what they’d find
the part of me that lied?
or the part that was my mind?
if i lied, and today i died,
would they know where i reside?
if not today, per se, i lied,
would they know when i decide?
the parts of me that hide,
the parts that try to lie,
which ones of those have died?
and which ones, of those, have tried?
If tried to die, and died to try
are parts of me that lied inside
did they lie inside to me to lie,
or lie to me to lie inside?
did they lie in stride
or to lie did they decide
did one decry, “Lie, to hide!”
or did they hide because they lied?

which parts of me are real?
are the parts I cannot feel?
can I even feel the real?
or reel the real to parts that feel?
maybe real resides inside
a side of me that cannot feel.
what resides inside the side
that really feels the feel?
what really does it feel?
does feeling make it real?
does the feeling of the real
become the reeling of the feel?
I kneel and feel the seal
where real and not anneal
and peel the feel of real
reveal sangreal congeal.

the parts of me that hide
of those, there are two kinds
those that hide me from outside
and those that hide me from my mind.
the ones that in plain sight reside
if I died, those would not mind
the ones inside, they would have tried
to save me and my mind in kind.

the me inside my mind has tried
to find the mind that i’m inside
i am resigned: i don’t decide –
i will not know until i died.