the day this all began,
simple, clean and cut,
the lines were drawn onto the floor
here is open, here is shut.

In firm possession of my heart,
I showed you every detail
every fissure
every bruise
every crevice
every ruse
and now the bomb is ticking
and I can’t find the fuse
time is slipping through my fingers
there’s not much time to muse.

Before, you made it clear
no intention of possession
until today’s confession
simple burning question
is this … a transgression?

nothing is the same again
everything has changed
even though we do not want,
we may become estranged.

thoughts and doubts,
they flood my head
everything is new.
the map has changed,
the bounds are blurred,
everything askew.

light shines from the other side,
and I have nowhere to hide.
what place can I inhabit
if I cannot be inside?

Listen to my stilted rhyme
And ask your spirit this:
Is this where you want to go?
Into the abyss?
For in this place there is no hope
I hope that you can see this trope
And understand the true:
Beyond what lives around right now,
there is no me and you.