there were watermarks
on a dark table
and we were leaving
packing up
and Angela was coming in tomorrow
to check that everything was in order
or we wouldn’t get our security deposit back
although we never did
and these splotches
were the last thing
what we had been ignoring
when we were getting the tire marks off of the floor and the walls
and cleaning out our rooms
but it needed to be fixed. it was a nice table.
little fold in sides
dark wood
under a crystal chandelier that didn’t fit in and that we kept knocking with our bags
we were made too utilitarian for such a room
so we drank water and sat it down
and there were stains
then we read
that we could wet a shirt
and lay it down
over the stain
and apply an iron
wait no. not wet the shirt
just place a shirt
over the stain
and apply an iron
and the stains would disappear
and they did
we hit all of them on one side
then we showed off to the other flatmates
and then I placed the iron down
left it there to work its magic, and got distracted
the extra n minutes made a considerable difference
that we covered up
as best we could
but that didn’t stop the iron mark on the table
visible from looking at 10º from the surface
– a friend of mine.