you were just as broken as me
and I left you there
like a broken bottle
sunken in the sand
jagged edges swallowed up 
into wet, packed grains
and the bottle looks whole.
we were kind of like that
a broken bottle
but not really, 
because we were never really whole, 
were we?
I never thought so
despite how much my heart craved
it never felt whole. 
I was kind of like that
but I don’t think I was ever whole
or if I was, I wasn’t shattered
like a bottle
more like eroded,
by storms of acid rain
that I thought I weathered
but really, they just ate at me
bit by bit,
wearing me down.
we were kind of like that
a spark
an explosion
but it fizzled out
or maybe it didn’t
but I’m too far away too tell
or too blind
I’m so blind
I want to talk to you about us
But you wouldn’t want that now
And that logic you’d use on me
at any other time
it doesn’t work anymore.
like when you try to apply newtonian physics
to quantum scaled things.
or maybe the other way around…
I’m those little quantum particles
and I act in my own crazy way
but in the real world, the big one
my logic is totally fucked
and my sad little particle self
is alone.