your pathetic puppy dog eyes
(that I fell in love with)
so sad and hurt, like a baby’s
(clear and warm like the sea)
your hands, I never liked them 
(always in mine)
you called me all the time
(you cared so much, too much)
your irrational jealousy
(you didn’t want to lose me)
you didn’t understand me
(you understood too well)
I couldn’t breathe
(you left me breathless)
I’m glad it’s over
(I’m hurt and don’t want to admit)
I’m sad that I left you
(but my choice still remains the same)
I wish I could explain
(there’s no point anymore)
I no longer know the good and the bad
(two sides of the same coin)
I think of the way the world ends
(not with a bang, but with a whimper)
I think of how much it applies
(Vivien, maybe you’d understand)
And I think, and I think you’d think the same,
(we did think alike, after all)
Between us fell the shadow
(but we ended with a bang)