such a dirty, dirty word.
but not dirty enough to spit
there’s not enough venom
and the poison is lost
it’s too soft
like a sigh
a breath
so sick and evil and twisted
how can such softness
weave such twisted, hard-ass shackles
around my poor mashed mind?
to be held captive
by one’s own thoughts
to be tortured so brutally
with sweet bliss lurking moments away, just out of reach
sabotaging the peacefulness of night
punctuating the silence with heaving sighs
and tossing sheets
sounds not tumultuous enough to express
the tumult of my thoughts
but just enough
to keep sleep at bay.
come to me,
I whisper
hold me close
I breathe
but only silence answers
and my swirling thoughts
but sleep, my sweet, eludes me.