I’m always looking
for something inspirational
and just as oblivious as I am
I wouldn’t know it until it
bitch slapped me in the face.
Here I am,
feeling inspired,
in the stale white bread town of Logan
pumping my body to some rad hip hop beats.
I believe in the healing power of garlic
and the immersion of music
and dancing so hard that my runner’s knee flares up
and I have to limp down the stairs.
Laughing at turd shaped bits of clay
who the hell thought that was a good idea?
Feeling happier than I have in a long time
in the most unexpected of places
in the most unexpected of ways
with the most unexpected of people
Thinking about dyeing my hair blond
I’d be the smartest blond in town
Thinking about wearing my glasses
for that hipster nerd look
what is with all the Jesus hair?
Nobody believes in religion anymore anyway
What the fuck is up?
Hip hop happy happy hip hop
raising me up
not like some shitty Josh Groban song
beats make me happy
thinking of people that I once admired
and thinking that I’m just like them
Only the things I want to rap about aren’t as cool
aren’t as relevant
aren’t as important.
but I don’t care, I can still rap happy
tappy my feet on the floor
why is everyone always rapping about the broken crows,
crows gnawing at hearts and darts and charts
Crow this and crow that,
I wanna rap about seagulls.
because why the hell not?