One and one
we are complete
your hands in mine
our souls do meet.
in this forest of confusion
in trees of power and abandon
we lie together
on mossy hills
and fairy lights twinkle above.

Tribal drums beat passion into
air that smells of rain
that pours away from us
yet everywhere inside at once

Voices, not ours, whisper
through our empty place
no one but one and one
and ripples of water of love

Bridges burn in flames of emotion
That I set fire to myself
Manic happiness 
in the smell of matches
We are alone.

Your breath
My breath

Trembling up to feathery clouds
floating, free of gravity
no resistance from the air
My hands clutch at you
And we’re free. 

Laws of physics lie broken below
Shattered glass and rubble
Nothing is clear, my love,
Sense, unmade
Yet I know
One and one
make one.