not quite
but the Mark Knopfler song plays in my head
and I can’t get past the chorus
I don’t know it well enough
it was my dad’s song, anyway
3:19 sounds close enough
I’m reminded of times
when Mark Knopfler was part of the band
and he played from speakers near my head
quietly blasting guitar solos in my ears
as my head bobbed with the turns
and my forehead knocked against the window
and we all drove somewhere together
to see the world.
The world has changed
as it always does.
Gone are the days of the Sultans of Swing
of Tequila Sunrise
and Duke of Earl.
Paul and Paula no longer croon their songs
from an old cassette tape
as we drive through canyons
and on freeways.
Gone are the people
that drove in that car together.
What now?