I’m trapped inside myself
I don’t know what to do
Prisoner inside myself.
Someone else has taken
over me inside
Trapping me inside myself.
I’m lost inside myself
Someone help me out
Dig deep through the outside layers
finding me inside
Someone let me out
I don’t know what to do.
I’m trapped inside myself
Inside the prison of my mind.
I’ve never wished so much,
to be dead or somewhere else
To fly above my world,
Like a spirit soaring free
Someone let me out
release me from myself
I’m lost inside myself
help me, help me
I don’t know who to call
who to scream for,
who to need
I’m trapped inside myself,
Crying hoarsely
help me please
but who am I to
call, when no one
else knows who I am,
I’m a hostage
Inside myself,
No one knows who I am.
I am trapped inside myself
help me out,
help me to discover
who I am inside.