Exceptional, amazing.
So incredibly original.
But how can one expect less
of a masterpiece?
I think of you,
your charming, disarming, smile.
I think of you,
how your eyes shine when I laugh,
I think of you.
how you hold me, soft and gentle, so secure.
No words describe

the skip of my heart
when I see you
Like a stone over water,
Like a child skipping rope.
No, that can’t be right.
It’s more like my heart
tripped over its feet
flew to my stomach,
then jumped out of my chest,
making an orbit,
before returning,
meekly and weakly,
back to its haven in my ribs.
Still thumping erratically.


Somehow, when I think of you,
my heart just feels just fine.
A little hyper, beating fast.
Bul still just feels just fine.
Somehow, when i see you,
My heart just feels freaked out,
and stutters and stumbles and flails.
flopping around
A fish out of water.
You’d make a terrible cardiologist.
But you hug me just fine.
Somehow, when it’s just me,
my poems just feel just fine.
They roll with rhythm and with beats,
I just write and feel just fine.
Somehow, when it’s you and me,
my poems freak out and say,
there’s no way we could fit this things.
it’s got its own amazing way.
The beauty is that I don’t care,
whether it fits or not
The beauty is, when I’m with you,
I just feel just fine.
Despite everything you do to me,
Everything that’s strange and new,
The best thing that you do
is make me feel just fine.
Sometimes I feel like crying
but you’re always there to help
A smile, a laugh, a poke in the side,
and everything’s just fine.
Even thought I feel just fine,
It’s really more than that.
It’s every way you right a wrong,
and every way you make me feel.
So more than just just fine,
I just feel like flying
like falling
like laughing
and smiling
like running
and jumping
and flipping
like screaming
and yelling
or doing whatever I feel.
That’s the beauty of just fine.
Somehow, when I’m with you,
I just feel just fine.
The beauty is,
with just fine,
you get just what is me.

  1. these labels were added later, however, the break in stanzas existed previously.