Thinking of the memories,
All the things,
That could have been,
Would have been,
Should have been,
Now long past,
Long forgotten,
Except by me,
The nostalgia queen.

The good times,
Swamp me with their joy,
The laughs,
The smiles,
All visit me,
And I relive each one,
Relishing the sweetness,
Of each and every one.

The bad times come, too,
Though uninvited,
With the silver lining,
Comes the could,
The memories bittersweet,
The tears,
The cries,
The insufferable sadness.

I push the tears away,
Push the cloud away
Willing the silver lining to stay,
And sometimes it does,
And sometimes it doesn’t,
But either way,
I’m left with a feeling,
Of memories,
Good times,
Friends, love,
And family,
Laughs, smiles,
And tears.

A wry smile is left on my face,
When visited by,