We are a unit
We are together
We are united
Maybe forever.

We are a shelter
The people inside
We are a coaster
Strapped in for the ride.

We are a plant
We are a tree
We are the roots
Just let us be.

We are a team
We are a squad
We are like peas
Peas in a pod.

We are a tribe
We are a clan
We are a group
Not simply a man.

When we are a group
The laughs never cease
Although it is noisy
It’s relative peace.

If we were a book
You’d see us all there
And from the first look
You’d see that we care.

We care for each other
We care for tradition
We care for our own,
And each new addition.

We like to love
We like to give
We are a family,
This is how we live.

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