Have you ever fallen
so low
that the pits of hell
rise like skyscrapers
above you?
Fallen so low
the air is hostile
and each breath you draw
rattles in your lungs,
the sounds of chains
and shackles
a prisoner of what you did.
Pain sears your heart
with each and every breath,
coursing through your veins
like wildfire.
Have you ever fallen
so low
that no help can reach you
and you have to climb,
out of the pit
with each and every fiber of goodness
in you
and still
you fall.

Fallen so low
that the good look down
on the bad
and the bad look down
on you
Your heart, cracking
into a million fragments
a mirror of what you’ve done
It tore everything apart.
Heaven and earth
are far above you
and everything looks down
on you.
I’ve fallen.