When I think of him,
My heart skips a beat,
A jolt of electricity
Running through my veins,
Making my heart
Flip flop in my giddy chest,
Every time my thoughts stray
To him.

There’s a frog,
A little frog nestled in my stomach,
And it jumps,
Every time
I think of him.
It seems like my body won’t listen to me.
My eyes search for him in the crowd,
My mind wanders to him in the darkness
My arms long to wrap around him.
Every time my thoughts drift
Toward him,
The rest of me
Doesn’t listen.

My mind and my heart
Say two different things.
My mind says,
Go to him,
My heart says,
Run to him,
My feet walk in his direction,
No matter where he is,
Whenever I think
Of him.