Life is a book that you write in,
Life is a diary,
A scrapbook,
A journal,
Slowly filling up with time.

Life is an hourglass,
A clock,
A stopwatch,
Ticking until your time is up.

Life is a segment,
A wedge,
A piece,
Of something more,
Something bigger, better.

Life is a flower,
A tree,
A bush,
Growing larger with time.

Life is a fruit,
An apple,
A pear,
Cultivated with time’s work.

Life is a piano,
A drum,
A cello,
Pulsing with the composition of time.

Life is a coffee,
A latte,
A cup of tea,
As you drink, time disappears.

Life is a playground,
A swing,
A slide,
Playing and swinging with time.

Life is a dream,
Of imagination,
Of knowledge,
A wisp of a shadow, not really there.

Life is a leaf,
Some dust,
Some dirt,
Blown away by the winds of time.