One day I woke up
Rolled out of bed,
And onto the floor.
Hit my head,
Hard on the ground,
& I knew,
Today was Monday,
Today was to be
A bad day.

The sky was dark,
& cloudy,
Rain was on the way,
The one thing I didn’t need.
It looked like hell
The world was against me,
I just knew,
I knew it was a
Bad day.

I missed the bus,
Waited in the rain,
Pouring buckets over my sorry head,
The next bus came,
Fifteen minutes late,
Missed the bus after that,
Said what the hell,
It’s a bad day anyway,
Can’t get much worse.

Fire drills and essays,
Nasty teachers,
And angry parents,
Close the door,
To the world,
Lock yourself away,
To deal with your
Bad day.
Turn up the music
So loud it hurts,
Let the music blast away
Your bad day
It could always be worse.