There’s a little kitty,
He is my lifelong friend,
He was black in appearance,
With little white paws,
A round little face,
With two round brown eyes,
I understood him quite well,
Almost like he talked,
He loved me,
And I love him.
He purred like a lion,
A great trembling roar,
Almost deafening, it was.
Kept me awake, all night long,
Then it annoyed me,
But now I miss it.
Lucky was lucky,
But he not always won,
The fights that he sought,
All night long.
One night he came back,
Wounded and sore,
With a shoulder infected,
And lay down on the floor.
We woke up one morning,
And found he was gone,
He left us to mourn,
Us unlucky Lucky owners.
And now as I think,
Of Lucky my cat,
I remember his purring,
His soft little head.
His torn ear,
And the red bandana he wore,
I remember the good times,
And some of the bad,
And all the things that Lucky taught me.
Although I miss him,
I know he is gone,
Gone away from me,
Out of reach,
But he will always stay,
In my heart.