Sorrow soaks,
Into our heart,
Upon hearing the news,
Of the passing,
Of a wonderful person,
Beloved by all.

An ache spreads,
In our minds,
Of denial,
What we do not wish to hear.

When the reality sets in,
The tears start to fall,
Tears shed in her honor,
In her memory,
Fall to the ground,
Swallowed by the thirsty earth,
Melting away,
Like the memory,
She has become.

She will remain with us forever,
And yet so near,
As she resides in the stars,
And in our hearts,
And in the minds,
Of the human race,
She left behind.

She left an imprint,
Of love,
And happiness,
And laughter,
And she would want it to stay.

We loved her,
And although she is gone,
We still do.