When my life is not going right,
I immerse myself,
In music,
Like the way I immerse myself,
In tears.
Whether I play it,
Or listen to it,
I let it fill my soul,
Take me to is’ harbor,
It’s haven of safety.
I let the music,
Overtake me,
Wrap me in its soothing tones,
‘Till the black cloud,
It shelters me,
Through the storm,
That is my tears,
Through the thunder,
That is my sobs,
It waits ‘till the sky clears,
Then releases me,
From its spell.
But sometimes I don’t want to,
I don’t want to leave,
Don’t want to leave
The safety,
Of its arms,
As it holds me to the notes,
That soothe my aching heart.
And I don’t leave.
I stay ‘till I am music,
Comforting lost souls,
Lost souls like myself.