I sometimes regret it,
I sometimes feel bad,
I do it anyway,
Though it makes her feel sad.

I am a bully,
Though that’s not what I see,
I think I’m so cool,
But that cannot be.

Many times I love her,
very much indeed,
Bur if that’s true,
Why her plea I did not heed?

I really, truly,
Regret what I did,
It may be too late,
Though she is just a kid.

I push her,
and call her names,
I refuse to
Play her games.

I want to
fix my error,
I want her to know,
I care.

I don’t know
how to do it,
I’m afraid
I really bit.

I hope she
will forgive me,
Though I don’t
Know how it can be.

I need to change
My behavior, true.
I think
I got the clue.

So if you’re a bully,
hear me well, if you forgot,
Wounds will heal,
but words will not.