We are all the same,
No, it’s not a lie.
Everyone will live,
Everyone will die.

We are all the same,
in many different ways.
We are all on this Earth,
For many, many days.

Though no one,
is quite the same,
We are all playing,
the same big game.

It doesn’t matter,
The clothes we wear,
The way we walk,
The color of our hair.

People are the same,
Two eyes, one head
Two ears, one mouth
Though the color we may dread.

The way we live is different.
The things we do are, too.
The things we eat are also there.
Yes, that is very true.

We all learn important things,
Like how to read and spell.
All of us learn it,
Though some not very well.

We all enjoy ourselves,
In one way or another.
Maybe with a sister,
Maybe with a brother.

Those are just some reasons,
That we are all the same.
Some winning, some losing,
In this big, harsh, game.