I am best reachable by email: lbogoev (at) mit (dot) edu

My name is Lia Bogoev, and I'm from northern Utah. I will be graduating from MIT in January 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture Studies with a focus in Comparative Media Studies and a minor in Creative Writing.

I'm interested in the boundary between the product and the user, whether the "product" is a website, an app, a physical product, or a service.

HTML & CSS are my favorite tools. Scalability and responsiveness are paramount. I like Sublime Text 2 and I use the One True Brace Style.

I like weightlifting and riding my fixed gear bike. I bake *really* good lemon bars. I write poetry. My favorite subreddit is /r/showerthoughts I love the snow, and I can't wait to get a dog.