It’s hard to believe how much of the summer has now gone by. Work has been engrossing so far, which, abeit good in some sense, has been sapping my creativity in my personal projects. I’ve finally hit some kind of rhythm, and it’s very much appreciated.

At IS&T, I have been creating little videos and slideshows for incoming freshman, familiarizing them with the services available to them, as well as the basics of computing on campus: how to connect to the internet, how to set up and use their email, etc. I’ve commandeered a project, creating a digital signage display in the main Athena cluster in the student center. I’m currently looking into Raspberry Pi solutions, since that seems to be the cheapest and most customizeable way to accomplish that.

In my UROP, I’ve been iterating through designs for the user interface of our project. I found some HTML5 Drag and Drop templates that seem to have the look and feel that we’re looking for. I’ve been struggling with how I’m going to connect the HTML front end to the Plone backend, and have now installed my own instance of Plone to tinker with. It’s coming along, I think, but the progress is slower than I’d like.

All of these intense projects have infriged a little bit on my motivation to code and work on my own projects. However, a few days ago, I started the course on iTunes U, the Stanford iOS programming class taught by Paul Hegarty. So far, I’ve really been enjoying it. I’m excited to get into the meatier parts, but even now, I can see how the MVC concepts translate into my own app idea. I’ve also been meaning to clean up this theme and set up a github demo page for it. Then I could also start working on a new theme, since I have some ideas there, as well.

On this site, the poetry migration turned out wonderfully, though as of right now, each poem is html format instead of markdown. There are some issues with the way that markdown is read, however, and I won’t be switching them all to markdown yet. Ultimately, though, consistency is the key objective.

All in all, so far it’s been a wonderfully productive summer. Upcoming events for me include the Design for America Leadership Studio 2015, which is taking place at Northwestern. I’m looking forward to a crash course in designing with a team, as well as exploring the Windy city!